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    LCDS commit error from arraycollection

    OwenWest Level 1
      Hi all,

      I am attempting to hook Flex up to the LCDS engine installed with CF8. I can get the ds.fill() method to populate an ArrayCollection just fine, pump the data out in a DataGrid and shows perfectly. However, when I update a record in the datagrid I get an error indicating that "Error during update: The OLDBEAN argument passed to the update function is not of type" and then it says my CFC type.

      I changed to code to set autoCommit to false and update one entrry via code then manually call commit, and this works fine, although I did have to cast the single record to my data type (it was a generic Object). Setting it back and debugging shows that all of the records in my ArrayCollection are typed as generic Object's not as my defined data type.

      My question is: how do I get the ds.fill() method to return the correctly typed objects (I am using the CF8 wizard-generated CRUD arguments)


      How can I programatically convert the contents of the ArrayCollection to the required type "on-the-fly" before calling ds.commit()?

      Hoping somebody can help, this is driving me nuts!

      Just as a final thought, does this indicate a bug in the CF CRUD generation wizard or am I just doing it wrong?


      Owen West
      HNE Health