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    Frame Rates Don't Seem to Match

    mentalcase129 Level 1

      I recently made the big jump from Adobe CS3 to CS6...and I'm encountering a problem I've never come across before.  I'm using both Flash CS3 and Premiere CS3 and I'm assuming the issue I'm having is occuring on the Premiere level.  The project is an animated short.  The scene's were animated in Flash and then rendered out as png image sequences for me to then import into Premiere for editing.  I recently finished a very elaborate project using this same technique and had no troubles with it at all...but that was CS3.  The image sequences when I import them into Premiere are playing faster then they should be...as if it's playing back at the wrong frame rate but according to the sequence settings that isn't the case.  I animated at 24fps and the sequence settings in Premiere also say 24fps.  There are some scenes that involve dialog and the lipsync no longer matches up, in fact the audio clips now play significantly longer the video clips.  Just incase my eyes were playing tricks on me I double checked that the sample rate for the audio file also matched the sequence settings to make sure that it wasn't in fact the audio that was playing incorrectly...but no, the audio is right but the video is playing faster than it should.


      Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this?  Are there any differences in the jump from CS3 to CS6 that could be at play here?  I assume the issue is happening when I import into Premiere because there are very few options when rendering the png sequences from Flash and frame rates isn't one of them.