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    Frame rate trouble

    mentalcase129 Level 1

      I just finished animating a project using Flash CS6.  I'm relatively new to CS6 having previously been using CS3 but so far haven't had much difficulty.  Until now that is.  I've been rendering out my scenes as png image sequences to then import into Premiere CS6 for editing. I'm animating 24 frames per second but when I import them into Premiere they're playing too fast.  There's some dialog scenes too and the lipsync no longer matches.  I double checked my sequence settings in Premiere and the frame rate for the video and sample rate for the audio all match up.  I recently finished another, very elaborate, project using this same technique but with the CS3 versions of both programs and had no problems. I'm assuming that this issue is happening in Premiere and has nothing to do with Flash but I thought I'd pose the question here just in case there's been some changes made to Flash that I haven't discovered yet that might possibly be the cause of this problem.  Have there been any changes when it comes to rendering that would effect the framerate of the outputted file?  When rendering image sequences you're given very little options and frame rates aren't any of them...which makes sense for an image sequence of course...but I'm getting a little desperate here haha.