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    Allowed Components list in parsys design not same in /content and /etc/cloudservices/sitecatalyst


      For any template that is under /content, when I go in the design mode, I see a long list of allowed components available for selection. I have a new component group created and around 16 new components show up in that list for design selection.


      But when I open the sitecatalyst page configured under  /etc/cloudservices/sitecatalyst, under the design mode, for the same component group I only see two components in the allowed component list. So I can only select from these two components in the design. I tried to compare the properties of other 14 components with these 2 components. But there is nothing that stands out as the discrepency.


      Does anyone know, why the component list available in the parsys design is different for the same component group under /content and under  /etc/cloudservices/sitecatalyst.