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    Audio is/goes out of sync


      Hi guys,


      Brand new user to Premiere Pro CS 5.5


      I took some clips off my Galaxy Nexus that I shot the other day and wanted to cut them into a short video so I imported them into Premiere.


      When I play them in Premiere the audio appears to be in sync at the very beginning of the video but as it progresses through it seems to be worse and worse out of sync as it goes along. Even in a short 1 minute clip.


      When I play these raw video files in something like XBMC or the standard Windows 8 media player, or even just on my phone there don't see to be any problems with the audio/video being out of sync what so ever.


      I tested this out with several random clips recorded on my phone and it seems ALL of them are doing this in Premiere no matter the duration of the video.


      Why is this happening and how do I prevent/correct it?


      Thank you