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    Problem purchasing Adobe Webcentral forms software


      I tried to purchase this software of Adobe webform central but it displayed a message of "unsupported country" as I wish to purchase in Saudi Arabia.

      We are much impressed with the software and wish to use it for educational purposes.

      Please answer our 3 questions:

      1. How can we purchase from Saudi Arabia the Adobe Websform central with full support?

      2. If we purchase Acrobat XI Pro with integrated web form facility do we still have to purchase the annual subscription of USD 143.88?

      3. If we purchase from Unitted Kingdom the software for Adobe webform central then will it work in Saudi Arabia?





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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          #1- You cannot purchase FormsCentral with a billing address in Saudi Arabia.

          #2- Yes, the FormsCentral Desktop application bundled with Acrobat XI only allows you to create PDF forms. If you want to move your forms online and collect data using web forms you will need to purchase the FormsCentral service.

          #3- If you purchase the software from our UK store you just need a credit card with a UK billing address. FormsCentral will work anywhere once purchased.