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    Dual Monitor Setup, or Single?

    AVTechMan Level 1

      I'm trying to think on whether I want to use a single or dual monitor setup for my next build. In the past I had two 18" CRT monitors I had side-by-side and while they worked well, the thick bezel in between the units was distracting, especially when viewing the timeline in PP.


      For my forthcoming build, I currently have an ASUS 24" LCD monitor that uses HDMI, DVI and VGA connection. Would it make sense for me to look into perhaps getting an IPS monitor for color correction? I also have a 14" Sony broadcast monitor though its analog (but can display 16:9 signal) and an 27" Sony CRT consumer (high end model) television that could be used for checking the final output.


      I won't be doing any broadcast-based material at this time, and I know the monitors (for color correcting) needs to be properly calibrated. Would anyone have any ideas on what I could look into? And do you use a dual monitor or single monitor setup for your workflow?


      As an aside, I have an XP box I built for dealing with the SD and low-def material and some audio processing, so its possible I could use a KVM switch to switch between computers without having to get an additional monitor for the XP box.


      Many thanks!