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    PrP cs6 gives me green and red picture when playing back video


      So i tried updating to 6.0.1 from 6 and made no difference. I tried with other files and they work fine, i am using a .ts video file, the audio is fine but the video is green or red screen. It like works in the starting if i start the video from the start for like a couple of seconds and then freezes, if i skip through the video a green screen usually comes up but sometimes is red. I think i may have found a clue but idk how to fix it, i looked through the googles and found that i can check if i am skipping frames and the light stays yellow after like 40 seconds and says i skipped a lot of frames, like so many its just skipping all the video frames. here are my specs(not sure if they are needed):


      Lenovo y580 laptop

      i7 3610 qm

      8GB ram

      500 GB 5400 rpm hdd (upgrading in a couple of days to ssd)

      GTX 660m

      1366*768 display(i know its weak, i got an external i usually use)