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    Elements 11 opening a .psd


      With Elements 11 closed, double clicking on a .psd multi-layered image causes Elements 11 to open but the image does not open subsequently as it should from windows explorer in windows 7. I have to use open in the Elements 11 editor to go to the folder and open the .psd file. I have Elements 11 set as the primary software to open a .psd file.

      I did not have this problem with Elements 8 which was installed previously. I can right click a Canon .CRW raw file and say open with Elements 11 but the RAW file does not open in ACR7.3.

      Doing the same with a Canon .CR2 raw file will open the raw file in ACR 7.3.

      If I have Elements 11 open but minimized in the tray I can drag a .psd or a Raw file from a folder in Windows Explorer down to the Elements 11 icon in the tray and it will open Elements back up as it should and paste the file into the editor.


      I had Elements 8 installed prior to 11 and uninstalled it prior to installin 11. Never had a problem opening a file with 8.

      There is some catalog junk left over intententionally by Adobe from Elements 8 but it should not be causing the problem.


      My question is, how to fix the problem?

      I have looked for a cache or history to clear but only find a Reset in each preference window and a "Reset Preferences on next Launch" for everything. All that does is make the editor open in Quick View rather than Expert view, which is the only default I have changed.