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    DataSets and Text Field Width


      Hi All


      I use datasets and variables to import team information for my sport team photograhpy.  This part of my workflow is working well.  But the problem I am having is with the text fields.  I want my text field to be a specific width to fit within my layout - and have the text expand or contract based on the width of the text layer.  What happens now is the Last Name (for instance - could be the First Name, Team Name etc) for instance comes in very long and I have to manually compress the text layer width (the height is always good) to fit in the layout (or comes in really short and I have to expand it).


      Going through 100's of PSDs after the import of the dataset really slows down the workflow....is there a way to "lock" a text layer to a specific width (and height) - therefore having the text expand/contract as nessessary when the import occurs?


      I have looked at couple of scripts - but I am new to JavaScript (use VBS quite a bit at work - but not familar with JS).  But this may be what I have to do....


      Let me know if I am off to scripting land or if there is a method to create a specific size text layer.... (and "lock" it per say)


      Thanks - let me know if I need to provide more info.....