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    RAW workflow Lightroom to AE

    BenjyvC Level 1

      I'm needing to preserve edits made in Develope in Lightroom 4 coming into After Effects, understand I have to save metadata to file in LR first, which to my understanding generates an XMP file next to the image files of a folder. I see that file in the directory. When I go to import the RAW images as an image sequence in AE, the ACR dialogue comes up, I simply okay the default, the sequence drops in, alas without any of the edits in LR reflected in the clip. I'm in LR 4 and AE CS5.5, is there possibly a compatibility issue here? I'm unlclear if any support files like Camera RAW 6.7 or such are installed with CS5.5 or if that's done separately. I tried installing Camera RAW 6.2, 6.5, and 6.7, met with error codes every time.


      I'm told by the author or LRTimelapse that my workflow described above works fine for him, but that I need to be sure that the process versions match between Lightroom and After Effects. How do I check that? Is ACR for LR4 newer than AE 5.5? Is this my call to upgrade to CS6?


      I don't need to explain why I'm attached to working with ungainly 21 MP RAW images in AE in the first place, but if you're wondering, I need to preserve the color depth, don't wish to generate a separate huge folder exported from LR, and I need resolution to accommodate image pan animation.


      Thanks for a tip how to bring up image edits made in LightRoom (and LRTimelapse) into After Effects.