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    Question about PC performance with Adobe products


      I'm using an older desktop computer for most of my Adobe CS6 work, most importantly, Photoshop and Illustrator.  My system is an old but VERY HIGH QUALITY Dell XPS 700 which was made in 2006-07.  These units are HUGE but the fit and finish & quality of materials are unmatched in my opinion.  I'm trying to determine if its time to upgrade to a Dell precision workstation 5600 with a quadro 4000 video card.  I know this is a better system just based on age.  Problem is, the old Dell XPS system I'm currently using actually seems quick.  It cold boots to windows 7 64b desktop in 12 secs.  It runs photoshop and illustrator simultaneously without a problem and does so with little to no noticeable lag.  Here are the specs on the XPS:


      - Intel quad q6600

      - 8gb ram @800mhz

      - samsung 256 SSD

      - Nvidia geforce gtx 285 with 1gb ram


      The missing piece for me is that I have no experience doing what I do on a machine like the Precision 5600 with a quadro 4000 card.  I know it's a better machine but is it THAT much better?  Some advise replacing desktops just due to age.  I would appreciate any thoughts on whether it's time to let go of the XPS or if I should keep using it as current technology and the real world benefit would not be worth it yet.


      I appreciate your time and thoughts