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    PRE 11 - import from Canopus 110


      I used PRE 10 a couple of times to imort VHS through a Canopus 110, but didn't really too much, just kinda played with a couple of VHS tapes.


      Just got PRE 11, and the import process seems different. I *think* that the import process PRE 10 had, the canopus showed as something different from what it shows in PRE 11 which is "AV/C Tape Recorder/Player".  Why would it show differently?  I think under v10 it showd as AVCHD?


      In v10 and v11, I get "your current camera setting if different from your project settings. Results may not be optimized." warning.  But, how do I know what settings to use? 


      In settings for a new Project, available Presets, I assume the only choices that would pertain to me are: DV with either Standard 48kHz or Widescreen 48Khz, or AVCHD with it's various choices. Under AVCHD, I assume that any 1080i would not be pertinent for VHS tapes, which leaves AVCHD LITE 720p24,720p30,720p60.  And, I assume that the 24 or 30 or 60 mean Frames Per Second.  Does it matter which one I select?


      But it doesn't matter what I select, AVCHD or DV, my only choice when I go to import is "AV/C Tape Recorder/Player"...........so, does it make any difference what I put the Preset to?


      Thanks, Josh