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    I Can't Find the Flash I Downloaded?

    Applefox09 Level 1

      Last year in May I bought Flash Professional CS6 for a year. I downloaded it onto a laptop that I don't use anymore, but the download was interrupted by my laptop restarting, so I deleted the half-downloaded file and re-downloaded it onto that laptop. I don't use that laptop anymore because I got a new one on Christmas, and I know that you can have a program on up to two different computers so I went to get Flash on this laptop, but I can't find it anywhere so that I can get it again.



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In what way did you buy it for a year?  Where did you download it from the first time around when you downloaded it for the old laptop? 


          You should be able to download a trial version from the Adobe store and then use whatever registration you have to activate it.  If you do not use that old laptop anymore, you might be better off if you deactivate it on that machine before you try installing it elsewhere.

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