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    3rd Time Plea - desperate for help to make PDF with editable text & Images

    Wendy-G Level 1

      Hi.  I'm a newbie to LiveCycle and thought I would be able to get some help here on the forum with a problem I have.


      I have asked this a couple of times before but no-one has come back with an answer.  I really need some detailed help to sort this. I was going to offer a $50 reward for the answer until I found that it was against the forum rules, I am THAT desperate to find out how to do this....


      I want to be able to create a multi-page PDF that has editable text and editable graphics over a background image, and that can be edited in the free Adobe Reader, as per this item - http://www.wendygarratt.com/images/flyer.pdf


      I know that it was designed in LiveCycle, (I have LiveCycle and Adobe Acrobat Pro X), but LiveCycle is new to me and need help in getting started.


      I am willing to work with someone to help get this sorted but it is urgent that I get to grips with this.  I would really appreciate someone being able to take me through the various stages/steps. 


      Thank you so much for reading this post, and in advance for helping out.



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          Bill Brutzman



          I am having a simliar problem.  The problem started when CreativeCloud did an auto-update from Acrobat X Pro to XI.  Then, my LiveCycle ES2... which works with X... was whacked.  Adobe was good to send me the new ES3 Designer.


          I suspect that the problem has to do with binding XML data to the (Static or Dynamic) XFA pdf... created by Desinger.  Note that a LiveCycle XFA pdf is very different from a pdf created via Acrobat.


          I was using a freeware Serna XML editor.  I expect to try better XML tools.


          I am hot on getting this to work.  I also have had trouble getting help from others on this question.  Citing WBAI's eFay's motivational thought for the day... Where there is a will... there is a way... and the way is on the way.



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            Bill Brutzman Level 1

            I had this working with LC Designer v2.  When Designer v3 came out… my forms would no longer launch.


            It appears that the new LiveCycle Designer wants to link (~bind) the pdf with a bona fide xml schema document (.xsd) as well as a (.xml) sample document.


            Doing just a cheap-and-dirty pdf -> xml link… without an xml schema document… was found to be problematic.


            It works ok for both static and dynamic pdf forms.


            While it looks like this XML manipulation can be done with Adobe FrameMaker 11... I found "XMLwriter" from Wattle Software to be an affordable and easy-to-use tool.


            I just went to w3schools and found a sample XML schema document.  XMLwriter has a menu option to zap the schema into a corresponding XML data file.


            I saved all of the files... the pdf... the xsd... and the xml to the same folder.