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    Solo Mode issue in LR4.3


      Why doesn't solo mode work in LR4.3? It basically makes any of the sections in Develop module inaccessible until I switch out solo and relaunch.

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          dj_paige Legend

          What is your operating system?


          More details are needed. I don't understand "It basically makes any of the sections in Develop module inaccessible until I switch out solo and relaunch." What do you mean "inaccessible"? What does happen in solo mode?


          A screen shot or three would be helpful as well.

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            david5231800 Newcomer

            Thanks for the response. I'll be more specific. Without solo mode turned to the on position the application functions normally... i.e. in Develop module I can click the toggle arrows (<) to access the tools for the respective panel (Basic, Tone Curve, Detail, etc.) and I can click the toggle (v) to close that particular panel I'm using.  Once I turn on solo mode, the first click on any of the toggle arrows for any of the panels makes all the other sections disappear and I can't access any of the unerlying tools in any of the panels. At this point I have to turn off the solo mode, shut the application down and restart it to regain the normal functionality (and not use solo mode).  I've uninstalled and reinstalled LR. I've also removed older versions of the program (thinking there may be a conflict). I've included some screen shots (SS) for you.  SS1 without solo mode acts normally. SS2 I've turned solo mode on then clicked the Basic panel and this is what I get.  SS3 I've turned on the solo mode for the module on the left side of the screen (Navigator, Presets, etc.) and clicked on Collections and get this.  Until I deselect solo mode, any further clicks on the toggle arrows are unrecognized and have no effect. If I click on the Histogram or the Navigator toggle arrows all the panels disappear completely (SS4).  The Histogram and the Navigator still can be toggled and seem to work normally.  All appears to come back to life once I turn off solo mode and restart the application.  [Windows 7 PC. PS5.5 also on board.]  Quite the head scratcher.



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              dj_paige Legend

              My first thought is to shut down LR, delete or rename or move the preference file, and see if the problem goes away.



              If that doesn't work, as an aid in diagnosing this problem, in the second screen capture, with solo mode turned on and only the basic panel showing, please try this. Press Ctrl-2. Does that make another panel (the Tone Curve panel) appear? Then Ctrl-3 and so on. I realize this isn't necessarily a good way to navigate the different panels, I just want to see if the panels can be activated in solo mode.

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                david5231800 Newcomer

                No success with deleting the preferences file.  Great idea to test the control functions (Ctrl-1, etc.) to see if the result would change. Unfortunately, the same behavior results once the solo mode is activated.  I would have thought the complete reinstall of LR4.3 would have resolved the issue. While my system appears otherwise completely stable, it seems potentially like a registry issue or some conflict external to LR where another Windows service or extension may interact with LR somehow. I'm stumped.

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                  D Fosse Rockstar

                  Long shot, but try to update the video card driver...

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                    david5231800 Newcomer

                    I'm up for any fix.  I did have the latest driver, but did update it to make sure there wasn't an issue with it.  I've also removed and reinstalled the program a few times.  Still no luck. Looks like I'll have to see if Adobe has any other solutions. Completely baffled.