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    Pre9 crashes at export


      I just finished a 17-minute video on pre9 on my sony vaio, which runs windows 7, has 4gb ram, and over 700gb hard drive space available. i went to export it to dvd and it crashed in the middle several times, but in different places. i tried exporting it to files after, to see if that would change anything. i tried flv, avi, mpeg, and mobile phone format...anything to get it exported. each time, it crashed, never making it to 50%. i saved it to different locations but that didnt make a difference. i tried saving it to an external hard drive, but that produced the same results. i kept track of where it stopped responding, but changed every time. i've never had this problem before with my previous work, so i dont know why it's doing this now.

      i closed and force shut down every other process that could be the problem and followed all of the suggetions in the troubleshoot faq.

      all of my files are rendered and there are no gaps in the video.

      does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

      thanks so much!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Is the Project made up of only the Video, or there other Assets, such as Still Images?


          If there are Still Images, what are the pixel x pixel dimensions of those?


          What are the specs. of the video, and also what Project Preset was chosen at New Project?


          As a DVD-Video is the desired delivery format, have you also tried to Burn to Folder, to test the Project?


          Good luck, and please let us know just a bit more.



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            videogirll Level 1

            I have video, audio, and stills.

            The stills I have are 748x743 and 597x741

            The video files are  640x480 and 720x480

            The project preset was DV NTSC at 29.97 frames/second, with a frame size of 720x480. it says lower field first and displays at 30 fps drop-frame time code.

            I did have to crop and recenter some footage, so I don't know if that had anything to do with it.

            I have not tried to Burn to Folder yet

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Thank you for that information.


              The Still Images should not be an issue. I was worried that they might be too large, but they are not.


              Now, with the Audio, what is the format of those, MP3 maybe? If so, some MP3's can cause issues. This article might be helpful: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4146900#4146900


              Everything else looks good, and should not create a problem with Exporting/Sharing/Burning.


              Let us know about the Audio files, and if Burn to Folder works. It should produce a VIDEO_TS folder, where you direct the program to write it, and inside should be the IFO, BUP and VOB files. If it does work, use a DVD software player, to test play the VIDEO_TS folder. MediaPlayer Classic HC is a good free one, if you do not have others already on your computer. If all works fine, then you can use the great, free ImgBurn, to burn that VIDEO_TS folder to a DVD-Video, so you do not have to do anything else from PrE - you will have what you need, to use ImgBurn for the physical burn to disc.


              Good luck,



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                videogirll Level 1

                My audio files are .wav and .wma.

                I tried to burn to folder, but it kept crashing like before.

                I also have solid color in some of the video, for titling. I generated it from PrE but could that be a problem?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  The Color Matte, or a colored Shape in Titler, should not be an issue.


                  Let's look a bit more closely at the Audio files, just to try and rule those out.


                  If the WAV files are PCM/WAV @ 48KHz 16-bit, they should be fine. Even if they are, say 44.1KHz 16-bit, they will have been Conformed to 48KHz 32-bit floating point PCM/WAV for editing.


                  As a test, I would convert the WMA files to PCM/WAV @ 48KHz 16-bit, in an audio-editing program, like the great and free Audacity. Then Import those, replacing the WMA's. Test. As WMA's can contain a fairly broad range of Streams, up to 6-channel Audio, they might not be the ideal format. That test will either get your Project burnt to a folder, or make no change in the situation, and will rule out the WMA's, as being the problem.


                  Good luck,



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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Google and find a link to download CUPID Hardware Monitor


                    You MAY have a CPU overheating problem

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                      videogirll Level 1

                      I think that was it! It finally exported!! Thank you for all your help!!

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                        videogirll Level 1

                        Thanks for the tip, it appeared to be fine but I'll keep a watch on it now!

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Great news!


                          Glad that we found the probable cause - the WMA files.


                          While many WMA's Import and work fine, there can be so many variables, that some will likely cause issues. Same with MP3's - some work just fine, but some do not.


                          I try to remove every variable, that I possibly can, even if it means converting some formats/CODEC's, to something that my NLE (Non Linear Editor) program loves. That does get a bit boring, but it also keeps problems from arising. Even with my PrPro, that handles more mixed Assets better, than PrE does, I keep everything as simple, as I can, and try to do very little mixing.


                          Thanks for sharing what seems to have fixed things for you and good luck,




                          PS - as John T. points out, Rendering, Exporting/Sharing and Transcoding for DVD authoring can cause heat to build up in the CPU, and monitoring that heat is a very good thing to do. I use a free utility, SpeedFan, and keep a close eye on the heat, especially if doing that output work from my laptop (which has a cooler pad, that it runs on). I am not familiar with the Cupid program, but if John T. recommends it, it's bound to be good.