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    Citrix Receiver for mobile devices

    jay fresno Community Member

      Adobe recommends using Citrix receiver when using Acrobat and viewing PDFs on mobile devices like iPad.

      Is Citrix Receiver a free service, and exactly what does it do? Does it allow iPad users to view Flash content?

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          Dave Merchant CommunityModerator

          The Citrix Receiver apps for iOS and Android are free, and put a remote desktop on your device so you're able to work with the full-fat desktop versions of Acrobat and Adobe Reader. The Acrobat XI Family includes touch modes to make the experience easier, and if the software on the Cirtix server has the Acrobat Flash plugin installed then yes, you can see SWF and Rich Media PDF content on your device. Bear in mind that the files you're working with are being opened on the server - you're in effect doing a screenshare session with a Windows virtual machine.


          The XenDesktop and XenApp servers required to host the apps are far from being free, so this is only a realistic option for enterprises who already use Citrix. It also requires your device has a constant high-speed data connection, so if you're trying to use Acrobat XI and working with rich media it will probably need to be on Wi-Fi.

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            jay fresno Community Member


            Thanks for your explanation. Now I understand.

            I tried to figure it out from the Citrix web site, but it was so cluttered with information I couldn't get a straight answer.

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              Citrix receiver is free and all but doesn't your company have to have Citrix server running in order for you to access files that way?