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    File conversion for DVD

    millerjs68 Level 1

      I shot some material from an event and I am having an issue with encoding to a DVD. It was shot at 1080i and I first made a WMV movie that looks absolutely perfect. I was asked to run it to DVD and a problem occured. Everytime their is camera movement the picture stutters. It almost looks like some type of interlace flicker. When the shot is locked in it looks fine. As soon as the camera pans the flicker starts; it's almost looks like a blur affect.


      The original plays fine on the timeline. The WMV file looks fine at 720p. I used the encoder right in Premiere to export for DVD. This is not anything important but I still want it right. This is the first time I encoded something from HD that has movement in it. It is best to lay it on a 720 x 480 timeline and then render out?


      Any suggestions. I not sure what happening to get the flicker.