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    Can't see Adobe Elements 11 Editor in my applications folder


      I recently upgraded to Photoshop Elements 11.  Although I can see Adobe Photoshop 11 Organizer in my applications folder I can't see the Adobe Elements 11 Editor application. I discovered that when I was trying to set up Photoshop Elements 11 Editor as an external editor for iPhoto and Photoshop Lightroom4 but can't see the application to select it.  The Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 folder in ths applications folder contains a pointer to Photoshop Elements 11, a Support Files folder and and Uninstall alias.  Adobe Elements 11 Organizer appears in the applications folder above this folder. So right now when I click on a photo in iPhoto and click on edit, Elements opens up but the photo does not appear in the Elements 11 Editor workspace.  Could the upgrade not have installed properly or in the right folder in applications?