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    calling swf function from java (without loading swf file into browser)

    sk0032729 Level 1

      I searched a lot regarding this topic but did not get any good answer.

      Scenario: We have Rest web service bases implementation in our project. Ideally frontEnd (Flex) call web service and backend send huge data point to frontEnd. Then frontEnd create chart of these data points and display to end user.

      Our requirement is that user can export these charts and save as pdf file on the server. We are able to create JPG file from flex server and save as pdf file.

      Problem occurs when end user has scheduled that chart report. Now that report can run at any time and may be browser is not opened at that time. So how backEnd will interact with frontEnd (flex) functions. Problems are:

      1. browser is not opened so swf file is not loaded.
      2. java/jsp need to interact with frontEnd(flex) as a reverseAjax so that frontEnd send JPG file back to server.

      Does anybody face this issue before? Is it somehow possible??

      Asnwers/any leads are highly appreciated. Please provide comments on this