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    Upgrading problem please help :S


      Hi guys,


      @ my work we have worked for the past 6 years with indesign cs2 and 3 we have those versions running now in our systems and want to go buy cs6. But what is going to happen to my previous files(cs2/cs3)? Can i still open them? i am not going back anymore so no need to save them backwards after installation of cs6.
      so my question is can i open those cs3 and 2 files with cs6?

      and what about my fonts? wil they just work?


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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          [ I've moved your thread to the InDesign General forum. This is not a Service Provider forum -appropriate question, not that it's clear what is... ]


          All newer versions of InDesign can read older version files.

          Though it does not always work perfectly. (uhoh!)

          And also, there may be some text reflow in any case (not a bug), as the copyfitting and text flowing code has changed a bit.


          So CS6 can certainly read CS2 and CS3 files.

          Fonts should not be an issue.



          Some experienced people will suggest that you are better off exporting your CS3 files to INX in CS3 and then opening the INX files in CS6.


          Personally, my experience is that it is a mixed bag. There is code in the newer versions of InDesign to handle "translating" the older versions of INDD files, and there is code to handle importing INX files (and IDML files, from CS4 and later). Neither option is 100% bulletproof, and the further back you go, the more likely you are to encounter issues. (That is, CS6 is very very good at reading CS5.5 files; you are more likely to encounter issues with CS6 reading CS2 files).


          It is also possible that there may be file corruption that may be ported forward through either method, and there may be benefits to, once you have the file open in CS6, exporting to CS6 IDML and then opening that IDML export in CS6.


          Certainly the general advice is that you should do that sort of thing with your templates, or just recreate them from scratch. Don't just assume they are free of corruption and problems because they appear to look OK. It's one thing to have some potential issues with old documents, but it's a very different thing to potentially corrupt all future work by an accidental problem from ages yore.


          In any case:


          i am not going back anymore so no need to save them backwards after installation of cs6.

          This is unwise. It is like diving off a cliff without a net.


          You should keep your older versions around, just-in-case, as long as there is a possibility that the newer versions might not read the older versions 100%.


          Certainly, whatever you do, do *NOT* overwrite your CS3 .indd files with CS6 .indd files. If you were to do that, then if you found a problem with the conversion, 6 months from now, you would be utterly and completely without recourse.


          Another strategy is to save an INX export of your INDD files and be prepared to use either the INX or the INDD file, alternately, if you have any problems.


          It's also possible that it is worth opening CS2 files in CS3 and saving  CS3 INDD/INX versions before opening in CS6. I don't really know if this is worth it. It's probably something to keep in your bag of tricks if you end up havings problems in CS6. And yet one more reason to not get rid of CS2 and CS3 until you're certain you don't need them anymore (which would be "never." Hard drives are cheap. Save everything forever and always. Or at least until it stops working.)


          Good luck, GTR freak. Welcome to 2013!

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            YachtFocusDesign Level 1

            Thank you so much John,

            i see now. When i open a file, i always need to do a "save as" sins every magazine issue that i am working on has its own map but i use the last issue files to create and change new pages. So i hope when i open them to work on and save them as a new file does not effect the last file. I wil download the trail version to do some testing first. Thank you for your advise.

            oh and Happy new year.

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              John Hawkinson Level 5

              At least that part is not a problem. InDesign will display "[Converted]" in the file name and will force you to "Save As" instead of just "Save." (Just make sure you don't Save As over the original.)

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                But the workflow is a disaster waiting to happen. Constant "recycling" of old issues into new ones is one of the major casues of the small corruptions that John mentioned earlier. This forum is littered with posts about files that suddenly won't open or crash when you try to do anything, and "worked yesterday." A very large number of those turn out to be files recycled from previous editions.


                Things like magazines should be built using templates, and each issue should start from a new copy of the template to have as clean a file as possible. Repeating content can be copy/pated from issue to issue, or placed anew. In my expereince this really takes no more time than cleaning out the old stuff that you don't want.

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                  YachtFocusDesign Level 1

                  Thanks guys i keep that in mind.