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    id-cs6 crashs by exporting an indd-file


      Hardware/operation system: MacPro, 2xQuadcore, 12 GB Ram / OS 10.6.8

      CS 6 with ID-version 8.0.1 (newest updat I found).


      If I export an indd-file (file --> export ... --> export as pdf (jpeg or others) --> click on save-button =>) id-cs6 crashs and disapears.

      It doesn‘t matter if the file is either a simple file (1 page, 1 layer, only 2 or 4 text-ojects) either a complex file with many pages, pictures and text or a file made with id-cs5.5 (even id-cs4); it crashs how ever.

      In id-cs5.5 or id-cs4 I never had this problem.


      If I save the indd-file as idml-file (cs4 or higher) and open it than in id-cs4 or cs5.5 the export doesn‘t make any problems (in cs6 crashs). Of course I don‘t want to work with cs6 for going back to former versions!


      On Internet I didn‘t found any equitable anwser. Hopefully I get one here - thanking in anticipation.