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    Adding pages and flowing text


      Bear with me, as I need to state my problem in Quark terms. (A long-term Quark user and lover, I'm now at the tipping point and actually prefer ID for most things, but this is still foxing me.)


      I am working with XTags to place text and images on a page. There is a complicated arrangement of linked text frames (24 of them) to enable this to happen. If I have a single page document and import the text, it all flows perfectly. But if I am importing more products than there is room for on a single page, I want InDesign to insert a new page with the same frames.


      If I put the frames onto a master page (which is what I'd do in Quark) they become 'locked'.  I know how to Override Master Page Items, but I don't want to do that. I want a new page to appear and the text to flow onto it without intervention. This was so easy to do in Quark. I know I'm probably approaching it the wrong way, but I need some help!


      To summarise, I have 24 linked text frames on a page (to accommodate 12 products and images). If I have 48 products, I want the next 24 to appear on a second page. I don't want to create a multi page document - this is a template and will be re-used over and over, sometimes for a single page, sometimes for many pages. If I need to adjust the positions of the text, I want to do that in a single place and know it will happen throughout the document.


      Is there any way of doing this?