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    Reconnect Missing files, file already exists


      I have moved a catalog of 150'000 pictures (with associated pictures) to from an iMac to a new Macbook Pro. I used (in Elements 11, same version on the old system) "reconnect missing files" to update the path to the new location. Most files did reconnect perfectly. However, some of them cannot be reconnected. The message I get is


      "The files cannot be reconneceted because the file already exists".


      The reality is that the same file does not exist. Only an identical named file in a completely separate directory path form another year is present (I use more than one camera and the filenames start all at DSCN001.jpg). How can I fix this, otherwise I cannot complete the transfer of the library.

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          swharton07 Level 2

          I am not a mac person but it seems to me the better way would be to do a backup from machine 1 and restore it to machine 2. That way everything should be the same.

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            AlanFischer Level 1

            Thank you very much for the suggestion. I just fear, the same problem occurs that way and the backup lasts a very long time. I do not think that this is Mac related. I remember that I had a similar problem a long time ago on a Windows machine.

            I have now tried to repair the database and did some more researching.


            1). There are other multiple named files and they imported correctly.

            2). I deleted one of "not-importing" pictures and tried to reimport. No luck either

            3). The one that does not import is actually a file that does not even have a duplicate in the (visible) database

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              swharton07 Level 2

              I do not have the knowledge to answer your reconnecting issues. Maybe someone else can chime in with a suggestion.


              Question: Are your pictures on an EHD? I don't think so, just checking.


              Since I cannot come up with a solution other than to do a backup/restore I am afraid I can't be of much help. If you get this sorted out I would recommend putting the catalog and the pictures on an EHD and then you wouldn't have this problem in the future. You would be able to move the EHD from one computer to another.


              Perhaps it is time to contact Adobe and see what they say.

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                andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee

                When you took backup, did you choose to maintain Folder Tree hierarchy?

                It is always advised to do reconnect before taking backup.


                Anyways, once you restore (as many pictures as possible), import all images from your backup folder directly using File >> Get PHotos and Videos. Let's see if the duplicate (which are being left out upon restore) are imported or not.


                Otherwise I would suggest a Full backup once again maintaining folder tree hierarchy, on your old machine and then restore on the new machine.