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    Design mode button invisible


      Dear all,

      Kindly excuse me if my qn is silly, I m just 1 day old for FB and did hours of search in net and couldnt find answer.


      I just downloaded and installed trial version of FB4.7 from Abobe...


      I couldnot locate the design and source buttons.

      Whenever i try to create a new project, it automatically goes to source view. If i wanted to see the design view(obviously it ll be empty page), i couldnot locate the design button.

      I also tried with shortcut keys (ctrl + ') as mentioned in help.adobe. But it also didnt work.


      Am I missing something here?.



      Thanks & Regards,


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          davidlgood Level 1

          Unfortunately, they removed the design view from this version of Flash Builder.  They did it so that Apache could continue to develope the Flex side of things without Adobe having to keep up on the Flash Builder "design" side at the same time.


          It's really pretty sad -- Adobe Flash Builder was a super time-saver... now, for me at least, it goes from being a real time saver back to just being another coding environment.  Looks like it's back to Adobe Flash for me -- at least there I can visually see what I'm doing, even while I'm coding.


          If you can find Flash Builder 4.5 you will be able to see the design view.

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            I just spent about a week, calling support, reading forums, and uninstalling and reinstalling FB 4.7 because the design button wouldn't show up.  I saw this same behavior on 4.6 until it got registered fully, so I thought it was just a registration problem.


            "Sad" is an understatement.   Maybe Acrobat would work better with just a code view of the xml.  Maybe MS Word doesn't need WYSIWYG, we can go back to inserting control codes in text.


            The moderator moved my question regarding the missing design view button from install problems to use problems, and my immediate thought was "nobody would intentially remove the design view".  That would be rediculous.  But here we are.   And I just locked in a year of creative cloud to get FB.


            Oddly, when I search for anything on design view, this is the only entry discussing its removal in 4.7.   Maybe its because its like MS Vista, nobody really used it.


            Thanks for the info.