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    Power PSE User Migrating PC to Mac

    Jen Latham

      I've been a diligent user of Adobe Photoshop Elements on Windows throughout the versions over the users.  I have an extensive catalog of 15k photos organized with extensive tagging, stacks, and version sets of retouched photos.


      I have just purchased my first Mac Mini PC.  I downloaded the trial version of PSE11 for Mac.  The interface looks identical to that in PSE11 for Windows.  However, I am struggling to figure out if I can transition my existing catalog from Windows PC to Mac.


      My questions are:


      Can I migrate my existing catalog?  I have experimented on a small scale with importing photos.  By exporting the tags to the photos on Windows, I can get the tags to move over.  That wouldn't seem to help with stacks or version sets, and would also require me to reorganize my existing tags back into their original hierarchy (categories and sub categories).


      Can I integrate my PSE11 on Mac with Photo Stream?  I'd like my iPhone/iPad photos to automatically import.  I had this working on Windows and it works with iPhoto on Mac.


      Can I synchronize my PSE catalog via iTunes to the iPhone/iPad?  This worked on the Windows PC.  However, running the latest iTunes 11 and PSE11, I am not getting an option to synchronize photos from PSE, only iPhoto or Aperture or folders.


      Thanks very much to anyone who can help educate me on my questions.

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          You can migrate your catalog if you are using PSE 9 or higher. Make a full backup to a removable drive using the organizer command in windows, then restore it to the mac. Point the restore to the .tly file, not the enclosing folder.


          PSE's interaction with itunes is only for windows. For mac, the path is through iphoto, I'm afraid. You may be able to set photostream to see your default picture folder, though--I haven't tried that myself, but I believe it works.

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            Jen Latham Level 1

            Thanks very much. 


            The backup and restore worked perfectly.  I suppose I should have realized such a straight forward approach was the solution, but I have always backed up my PSE on Windows by grabbing the folder containing the catalog and all the photos with a 3rd party solution, so I hadn't thought to try it.