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    CS6 will not save keyboard shortcut for dust & scratches filter


      I am running Photoshop CS6 with all updates on a Windows 8 system.  I have several keyboard shortcuts set up that all work fine but when I assign a keyboard shortcut for the dust & scratches filter it will work until I close Photoshop - when I then open Photoshop again this shortcut is gone but all my other shortcuts remain.


      I have tried going back to the default keyboard shortcuts and then adding just the shortcut for dust & scratches (I have tried ctrl-F8 and several others) and then closing Photoshop and opening it again with the same results.  I was able to add back all of my other shortcuts and they work fine.


      For some reason I can assign a keyboard shortcut to anything except the dust & scratches filter.


      Can anyone shed some light on this problem?