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    cannot find color value


      Hi all,


      Can any one help this to find the color value in text and alert



      var mydoc = app.activeDocument;


      try {

      var myTItems = mydoc.splineItems.everyItem().getElements();

      for (i=0; i<myTItems.length; i++);

      myTItems = myTItems[i];

           if (myTItem.textColor.colorValue == "100,50,0,0"){    

           alert ("document TEXT has OLD color");

           button.onClick == exit();



      catch (e) {}





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          rajnikids Level 1

          hi Dav!


          thanks for using my idea,,,


          I too tried it, but the alert message is received, only when the... Texts runs till the end of the text frame with the same fillColor. (the alert message appears)..


          if I fill black color (after the fill color [100,50,0,0]) at the end of the textframe or even on a enter symbol has black color filled.. (then the alert message is not appearing)..




          Im wondering, how..... because in statement we have stated .....var mytxts = mydoc.stories.paragraphs.everyItem().characters.everyItem().getElements();



          thanks any help from forum.