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    Framework CDN not CDNing?


      Hi guys


      Just randomly stumbled onto the publish settings, always just used the project as it was saved.

      Some good options, but was wondering about the Framework CDN, did some googling and it was as I expected it to be, the files are called from a CDN, however when hitting publish it still exports the edge_assets files and when checking the HTTP traffic it was calling no files from any CDN.


      Is this feature still broken, am I doing soemthing wrong?

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          sarhunt Adobe Employee

          Hey Reme,


          Right now only jQuery gets hosted on the CDN, though in the future we're looking to get all the edge_includes files up and running.




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            RemeJuan Level 1

            Yes, and as I said "calling no files from any CDN"

            No files generally includes the jQuery file.


            Basically what I am saying is none of the files are being hosted by a CDN in my publish.

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              I understand what you're trying to do:


              If you need to set an absolute folder url, or you are pulling the content from a server that does not host the content, you can manually update the published <projectname>_edge.js file to specify the directory:


              (function($, Edge, compId){

              //images folder

              var im='<SERVER/FOLDER>/images/';


              You'll also need to specify the CDN location for the include files and any other directories.  Just beware that if you re-publish the files, you'll need to redo any custom modifications. 


              I do this for off-server projects and it works very well so long as you make all the changes in each JS file where you need to specify the exact path.

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                RemeJuan Level 1

                I know how to do this manually, I am checking on the built in function that supposed to do this for us so that we do not need to do it manually.


                THis Framework CDN as part of the publication settings is intended to move the 4 js files from the edge_assets folder to a CDN so that its not called locally should you choose, as explained so far its only meant to be the jquery-1.7.1.min.js, which as I stated is also not being referenced from a CDN. WHihc in fact means the function is at very least, partially broken.

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                  heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                  I believe the CDN option is functional, and that the extra exported .js files are there as 'fallback' resources in case the CDN service is down.


                  As a test, I did both options, and as captured below (FireFox Dev Tools) shows when the local version is used and when the CDN is used.