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    audio changed channels!

    newwoodworker Level 1

      For some reason my Premeire Pro is putting the audio from imported video files in Audio 7 and 8 where is used to put the video audio in audio 1. I am importing from the swame Canon XA10 as I always have in the past. I also cannot move the audio to any other channel.

      Any ideas wold be appreciated becausse I sure can;t find what changed!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          It is likely that the default Audio Tracks have been changed.


          In PrPro, the Audio Tracks channel-count must match the channel-count of the Audio Source Files, i.e. 1-channel Audio will ONLY go onto a 1-channel Audio Track, same for 2-channel, and 5.1 6-channel. What is the channel-count of your Audio Tracks 1 - 6, and what is the channel-count of your Audio Source Files?


          See this article for more info: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3757977#3757977


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            newwoodworker Level 1

            I didn't know there was a "channel count" in the audio files. It always just dropped that audio from the video into the #2 track in Premiere.

            I'm not sure what you want to know about the channel-count for the Audio tracks. they are there, just not letting me put anything in them

            I can record into the #2 track using the system mic and that seems to eb working as it always had.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              What we need to know is what is the channel-count of the Tracks, where PrPro will not allow you to place the Audio, and what the channel-count of those Source Files are.


              If, for instance, your Audio Track 1 thru 6 are Mono (1-channel), and your Source Files are Stereo (2-channel), they will need to go onto a 2-channel Audio Track. You can look at the little "speaker" icons in the Audio Tracks' Header - 1 speaker = Mono (1-channel), where 2 speakers = Stereo (2-channel), and a little "5.1" = 5.1 (6-channel) Audo.


              If one has, say 4 2-channel Audio Tracks (2 speakers in the icon), and 1-channel Mono Source Material, they cannot place those Clips onto those 2-channel Audio Tracks. If one were to drag one to the Master Track (you cannot add Audio Clips to that Track), then PrPro will create the necessary Mono 1-channel Audio Track, numbered with the next available Audio Track Number.


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                newwoodworker Level 1

                All channels in the Mixer have one speaker each.  In the timeline 4,5,6 had 5.1 at the right edge of the hearder but all 8 show one speaker there as well. When I import the video it drops the audio for that clip in the 7 and 9 tracks.

                And now I just lost the entire project timeline which has dissappeared. Oh crap

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                  newwoodworker Level 1

                  Got the timeline back but the audio goofyness continues.

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                    newwoodworker Level 1

                    I juast noticed that the tracks int eh timeline, audio 1,2,3 appear to have two tiny speakers int eh upper right corner of those track headers,.Audio 4,5,6 have the 5.1 in that corner and audio 7 and 8 have a single speaker.

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      And there's your explanation.  The first three tracks are stereo, the second three are 5.1, so your mono audio goes down below those.

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                        newwoodworker Level 1

                        I found it. I must have changed the import handling to stereo or something. I wnet back and clicked "file" on that preference screen and all went back to normal. for the life of me I can;t remember changing that bgut there it was, put it on "file" rather than stereo or mono as stereo or whatever else there is there. I went back and impoorted some files that worked fine the other day and they also dropped the audio down the list. With the "File" selected in the audio preferences it works jsut like it always did. I  dont understand but it works and I am happy happy.

                        Thanks for all the thoughts!