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    How to load images from client side when the swf is hosted on a server without uplaoding it to server?

    zerodevice Level 1
      I'm trying to build a online image resize tool.
      problem i face are:

      1. I build a button that allow user to browse the file. Once file is selected, it doesnt show full path.
      2. lets say if it shows fullpath, but i try to load it into a movieclip, and it doesnt work because the swf file is located at the server and not the client's place.
      3. as far as i know, flash can only load images which is located in the same server or internet.
      4. if i use php, asp, cgi.. it can only allow me to 1st upload the image then resize later, but this is not wat i want.
      5. I need to 1st resize then upload later, because if i have 100 and more photos taken from digicam, it's going to be very slow and heavy.

      What i have tested:
      1. upload "image3.jpg" into the same directory as the "viewer.swf", and it works.
      2. do not upload the swf to the server, but run locally from the user's computer and open "image3.jpg" and it works.
      3. upload the swf to the server and open "image3.jpg" from the user's computer and IT DOESN"T WORK!

      please help me out.