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    Split a pdf based on text?




      We'd like to split a large pdf (1200+ pages) into multiple files. We have Acrobat X Pro and in this instance, have thousands of records in the initial pdf with each record ending in 'End of Record'.


      1.) Can we split the initial pdf into multiple files by simply telling Acrobat to create a new file each time it sees 'End of Record'?


      2.) Can we (batch) insert top-level bookmarks after each 'End of Record' then use the Split Document command to create multiple files?


      Any help is appreciated!

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          Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

          I'm moving this discussion to the JavaScript forum to see if someone might have a suggestion on how you could search for the string 'End of Record' and create a top-level bookmark.

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            gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Possible with JavaScript, but it will be a fair amount of coding.


            First you need to read each word on each page and search for the words "End of Record". This assumes that the string "End of Record" will not appear elsewhere in the text of the pages being extracted. It also assume that the word string "End of File" appears in retrieval of getting Nth word. The words are not returned in the reading order but in the order that that text was placed or plotted on the electronic page.


            You could also just extract the pages based on finding the words "End of Record".