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    buntu 7.04 and flex 2 or 3: nothing

      Hi, my problem is very simple, following all the instruction in the readme file included in the apache module for the flex 2 release and for the flex 3 release also nothing is displayed on the browser when i have an http request. apache 2.2 is running and no error on the log are reported. If i remove the mudule link any parser is driven and a txt with mxml is reported so i suppose that i have a correct module configuration. I haven't use any installer, all the setup is done manually. In the browser windows nothing is displayed and if I analyse the properties of the page downloaded is an ampty document... is not an empty html but an empty document. I suppose that this problem is a permission restriction on the apache user on ubuntu but I don't know how to test a solution...

      Please help... :-) Thanks
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          anvediao Level 1
          This is the solution:

          the zip is coming from a windows sststem, so sometimes some txt files (in this case a .sh file) could be corrupted and then no executed as a script, in fact if you try to run manually the script is returned an error because the interpreter is missing. So: you have to install with apt the tofrodos pak and regenerate the sh script file using the comman dos2unix file_name.

          Hi :-)
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            Any idea which of the files are corrupt or did you run this on the whole sdk directory?

            I'm having exactly the same problem.

            Edited a few minutes later...

            compiler.sh was the problem file.