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    Using the advanced telemetry Python script (unrecognized signature)

    xTLS Level 1

      I am trying to profile an AIR for Mobile project (using AIR 3.5) in Scout. I (apparently) cannot compile the project in Flash Builder because it utilizies CameraRoll. I'm trying to add advanced telemetry using the Python script at https://github.com/adamcath/telemetry-utils


      First, AFAICT that script has typos in it, where tabs and spaces were mixed for indentation. After fixing those (I think), I always get the error:


      "add-opt-in.py", line 158, in <module>

          raise Exception("Bad SWF: Unrecognized signature: %s" % signature)

      Exception: Bad SWF: Unrecognized signature: b'CWS'