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    Epub TOC - Unwanted Blank Entries




      I am trying to build a TOC in InDesign for an epub export. We have done this with several titles, but always get the same issue when we export. The TOC has blank entries that seem to be randomly created in the navmap by InDesign. Below is how a blank entry in the toc.ncx file looks (probably not formatted correctly, but note the lack of text in label heading):


      navPoint id="navpoint6" playOrder="5"                navLabel                     texttext                navLabel                content src="Combined_epub_CS6_Master-2.xhtml#toc_marker-2-3"                 navPoint



      We have looked for, and gotten rid of, all visible and hidden characters that could be causing this. Sometimes the blank space is deleted doing this but other times it remains. The text frame created in InDesign that is placed at the beginning of the document does not have these entries listed. Each time this happens, we have to unzip the .ncx file and delete each blank entry and renumber the remaining entries.


      This issue has happened both in CS5.5 and CS6.


      Is there something we can do to address this?


      Thank you,