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    can't get h264 footage to import, only audio?

    jennie m brown

      I'm brand new to Premiere. I have a simple project to edit and thought it would be perfect to get my hands dirty in CS6.

      Unfortunately, I've already run into some problems.


      • I can't import any h264 footage. I primarily shoot on a Canon 7d, and have a lot of 1920 x 1080 h264s. I was hoping to edit natively, as this is one of Premiere's selling points -- but when I import the footage, it shows it as an ".mov" file, yet no video plays, only audio. In fact, it won't even display a frame rate for the video -- rather than reading 23.976 like it should, it reads "48000 Hz". Why is it only reading the audio?
      These files play normally in quicktime.


      Any help?


      Separate question, but regarding the same project.

      This footage was shot in 24 fps, but just looked at final export requirements and I'll need it in 30 fps.

      • Should I edit in 24 fps, and then try to somehow convert to 30? How?

      • Should I edit in a 24 fps or a 30 fps sequence?

      • What options do I have with 3:2 pulldown vs compression?

      • Any recommendations of what point in the process i need to do a conversion or compression.


      Again, I'm working in Cs6 on a Mac.
      Let me know any other questions regarding specs.