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    Has anyone gotten AICC tracking to work with Connect?

      I much prefer to do all of my elearning authoring in flash (including navigation, etc). I'm looking for someone who has successfully developed courses in flash and gotten them to work with Adobe Connect Training, to include tracking of score (not just 'complete/incomplete status'). I have tried a few different methods and none are working for me. I really do not want to have to develop my courses in powerpoint, for a number of reasons. I have read Andrew Chemey's article on how Breeze/Connect leverages the AICC standard, but the article doesn't include an example fla/package. I'm looking for someone willing to answer questions via email and tell me what I'm doing wrong, as I attempt to get this working? I'm not looking for anyone to do the work for me - just someone who has gotten it to work and wouldn't mind helping out. Anyone?