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    Problems downloading Flash Player for a Mac Power PC G5



      I've tried downloading several different versions of Adobe Flash Player for my Mac Power PC G5 desktop. I'm using Mac OSX Version 10.5

      According to the Adobe website, for this Mac and with this operating system, I should download and install a version of Adobe Flash player with the following code:


      When I download it, it then downloads a folder with lots of different versions. Many contain the words Linux or solaris, but the following title includes the word Mac. As I use a mac, I'm assuming this is the one I need:


      However, when I then try and install and use it, it tells me it's not compatible with a Power PC. The website just seems to be sending me around in circles...

      Anyone got any suggestions?

      Ideally, a link to a version of adobe flash player that is known to definitely work on my computer...