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    InDesign simply not behaving.

    Peter B. Bailey Level 1


      This isn't really my problem. It's one of my staff members. She's on a PC. Like me (though I'm on a Mac), she's a CCloud user, so, she has the very latest version of ID. Anyway, I've asked her to open up two files today. With both files, InDesign simply goes wacky on her. When she selects type, she can't change the font. She can't change the point size. Nothing. All of the palettes just seem to freeze up. Not literally because she can move her mouse around, but, she simply cannot make any changes in the design palettes at the top of the screen. (In my book, this kind of thing is exactly why I moved to a Mac last year). I've also seen where some palettes over on the left side of the screen open up when she's over on the right side of the screen. This problem is apparently happening on another colleague of ours PC, but, he has IDCS4. I do want to help her. Has anyone seen anything like this?