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    Select > Color Range, fails v13.1.1 on Retina Display Mac


      Is there a trick to getting the new Color Range selection function to work on a retina Mac Book Pro?

      I am quite familiar with the color range selection in the previous version of Photoshop, and used it regularly. I've decided to try as simply as possible by using a flat image (no layers), and trying to select colors. I've increased the contrast in the image to make darks and lights much easier to pull out.

      I've explored setting the sample size to point-sample up to 3x3, and 5x5. I've also set the resolution of my display to 2880 x 1800 (to reduce the possiblility of anti-aliasing problems).


      It will not make any selection though, using the eye-dropper sample.


      Using other options will work, such as Highlights, Shadows, Skin Tones, etc., but it won't do anything with Sampled Colors.