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    Help Using Publisher to Pagemaker Converter

    April_W Level 1

      I am attempting to convert a Publisher 2000 file to Pagemaker 7.0 so that I can ultimately open the file in InDesign CS6. I began with a Publisher 2008 file that I had to save down to a Publisher 2000 file, which increased the file size from 4.5 MB to 52.2 MB. Then I opened the Converter and selected the Publisher 2000 file to begin the conversion. The converter has been running now for more than 6 hours and the Pagemaker file has been steadily increasing during this time and is currently at 130 MB. The original Publisher document is a 19-page form with tables and text, which is all B&W with the exception of a small logo at the top of each page.


      I am using:

      HP Workstation Z800

      Dual Intel Xeon X5670 2.93GHz Processors

      18 GB RAM

      Windows 7 64-bit


      Can anyone tell me why this conversion is taking so long?