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    I accidentally deleted both of my catalogs!

    geckogrins Level 1

      In my New Years' organizing spree today, I decided to split my Lightroom catalog into two separate catalogs.  I didn't see an efficient way of doing this, so what I did was copy my entire catalog into a new catalog, and then I deleted (from disk) the ones that didn't belong in the respective catalog.  After I deleted a few "catalog A" photos from catalog B, I double-checked catalog A to make sure I wasn't totally deleting them. . .only to later find out that I was only looking at a thumbnail.  So now ALL of my photos are deleted, and I can't figure out how to restore them. 


      I used Time Machine to restore yesterday's version of Lightroom 4 lrcat.  I created a new catalog--trying to start fresh--tried to import the photos from LR 4 lrcat.  I have thumbnails, but on each it says "the file named x is offline or missing." 


      I also have a LR 3 catalog which houses the bulk of my years of photos since I just upgraded to LR4 a month or so ago.  I tried restoring that from Time Machine as well but was unsuccessful in getting anything more than a picture that says "the file named x is offline or missing." 


      Although I am hopeful because I do use Time Machine, I do have a foreboding feeling because at some point when I deleted over 1000 images, I got a message that said that this action could not be undone because I was doing it to 1000+ images. 


      I am using LR 4.3.  Using OS X 10.8.2. 


      I am using some RAW files, others from earlier years are JPGs. 


      Thanks, and I promise to learn how to do things the right way if only I can get my years of photos of my kids back!!!