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    Check for correct dropping of elements and display feedback.




      I'm doing a drag and drop. I'm working on how to check whether the user has dragged and dropped the elements correctly or wrongly in order to display the corresponding animation. That means, all the same type of animals have to be placed together in the same row in order for the animation to display a "correct" feedback, and if the user placed it in the wrong order, it will display the "wrong" feedback. There are 3 types of animals: birds, snakes and insects. The "feedback" animations is in the "feedback_sym".


      I have placed a "Reset" button on stage, but it does not appear even after changing the positions on the "Elements" column.


      Here is a link to my folder. https://www.box.com/s/pns8qgxudhngv1lett1g

      Thank you.