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    Layer Opacity and Display & Rendering Issues.

    The Mavo

      As part of my title sequence, I'm trying to attain an effect in AE where a photographic image, as it moves down within the frame, changes from black & white to color. There will be a series of such images to be treated as such. All will show movement (e.g., scaling, panning, etc.) and will change from black & white to color or vice versa.


      In my project I've used each photo on two different normal layers with an adjustment layer in between. The Black & White effect has been applied to the adjustment layer.  For each image, the one that is to remain in color is above the adjustment layer; and the one that is to be shown in black & white is below the adjustment layer.


      The problem is that, for some reason, the program will not change the Opacity properly in the Composition window or even after I render it to a .mov file. The image displays as black & white in the upper half and color in the lower half. It's supposed to dissolve from black & white to color.


      What is happening?