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    Dialog title not showing for some components even when 'title' is set




      I noticed that some components dialog windows are not showing titles even when the 'title' property is specified on the dialog node. It looks as if there's a wrapper missing somehow.


      i.e., set the 'title' property value to 'store locater' for example, when the user double clicks on the component, the dialog comes up, and the title of dialog should be 'store locater'.


      This works for simple components but often for more complicated components (i.e., refering to the libs/foundation components, for example, using richtext in the component, xtype=richtext), the title of the dialog will NOT appear. It also looks like there're few pixels missing on the top panel of the dialog, as if the title text is hidden.


      Under such situations, how can one make the dialog title appear again? Or, other than specifying the 'title' property on the dialog node, how to force the title to display?