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    Manually Clean Dispatcher Cache


      We have a requirement that we update some details of a page from a feed after certain interval of time and then we need to clean the dispatcher cache.


      We have done few sling mapping also


      for page  /content/mysite/page1.html we have defined a sling mapping and whenever a request comes for http://domainname/mysite/page1.html it serves /content/mysite/page1.html


      Cache generated : /mysite/page1.html in docroot folder


      Once the page data is updated by the feed, we need to clean the cache.


      I am trying to manually clean the cache by making following  POST request at http://domainname/dispatcher/invalidate.cache with parameters

      CQ-Action: Activate

      Content-Length: 0

      It returns 201 with following but the cache is not deleted.  Am I doing something wrong ?



      Any help will be much appreciated.