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    Premiere Pro CS6 feezes along with the rest of my computer

    Aaleen Level 1

      I'm going to be calling support tomorrow, but I thought I'd give a try here until I do.


      My problem is when I use the 'guassian blur' effect on a jpeg file in my video track - the moment I change the blur value or interact with it in anyway the whole system will not respond.
      My computer does not register any clicks I make although I can freely move my mouse

      My mouse simply remains in the last cursor state before freezing. If it is the normal mouse arrow it will not change when moused over to areas that would normally make it change.
      These are all signs showing that there is not more response from my computer at this point.


      My only choice at this point is to force shut down my computer by holding down the power button.


      I've tried uninstalling Premiere Pro and reinstalling it, the problem presists.


      I know I have no errors external errors unrelated to Adobe because my computer was recently clean installed not less than a week ago.


      I hope I've been able to explain this bizzare occurance.