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    Hauppauge .M2TS Audio Desync Over Time

    Spencer MacPherson



      I've been fighting with my Hauppauge HDPVR for a few months now. Whenever I record some gameplay, the audio slowly get's out of sync as the video increases in lenght. This only seems to happen when I import it into a editing program because it plays back in sync when I play it in a video player such as VLC or Windows Media Player.


      Originally I thought it might have been a problem with the capture software 'TotalMedia Extreme 2'. I tried many things to try and remidy the problem such as:

      • Lowered the capture bit rate.
      • Swiched between 'Constant Bit Rate' and 'Variable Bit Rate'.
      • Changed the audio codect, but AC3 doesn't import into Premiere so I have to use AAC.
      • Tried different formats. .M2TS and .TS both seem to have the desync and .MP4 seems to not capture correctly.

      I tried using some different capture software, but nothing seemed to work corretly for my setup. However, recording on a different computer, OS (Mac insted of PC), and software still has the desync. 


      I recently figured out that the desync only happens when I import it into a editing program, like I said before. I've tried quite a few different things, nothing that seems to work.

      • I tried importing the file into both Premiere and Sony Vegas. Both have the delay.
      • I tried exporting the audio from Premiere and reimporting it, but it still had the delay.
      • I tried converting the exported audio to a different format, but it still had the delay.
      • I imported the audio straight from the .M2TS file into both Audition and Audacity and exported a different format. Still had the delay.
      • Converting the M2TS file into a different format (MP4) still had the delay.


      I was searching on here for solutions and saw that someone had said that a program called "VideoReDo TVSuite" fixed his desync problem. It can be seen here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4133477

      I tried this program and it also resynced my audio, and what the progam seems to do is remove out of sync frames of the audio or video making the file shorter. This is good that it resyncs the video, but I can't use the shortened file because I need to sync the video with audio I recorded externally on a condenser mic. What would be matching times for both the video and external audio would then become different times and the external audio would then become out of sync by the end of the video.


      This program could however become the solution so I will continue testing with it and tweaking settings to see if I can get it to something that works. If someone else could suggest a program that also does this and could keep the video the same length would be fantastic.

      Also, if anyone has any solutions for my problem or inform me if it's a problem with my hardware, capture software or premiere would be fantastic as well.

      I'll be making a thread on Hauppauge's forum to see if anyone has any solutions there.