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    Saving files locally using captive runtime?


      Hi All,


      I'm creating an app using Flash Builder 4.7 and trying to export as an Air-powered desktop executable (.exe / .app) using Captive Runtime. End users won't have permissions for an Air installer.


      Part of the app uses a gallery where users can upload images. These are stored locally on their computer, and a local XML file with reference to the images is updated.


      This works fine with an Air Installer, as an application directory is created. My question is - does this work using Captive Runtime?  Is an application directory created on the end user's machine, and if so where is it (the applicationStorageDirectory)?


      When I try to run from within FB 4.7 as an extendedDesktop I get the error below. Is this because it's not packaged up properly?


      Error: Error #3003: File or directory does not exist. at flash.filesystem::File/copyTo()


      Any advise would be great, I urgently need to get this project out.


      Thanks a lot